Socializing – boon or bane?

Socializing is one of the most important factors to communicate and to build up contacts – professional or personal. It assists in developing insights and a support to get accustomed to various thoughts and contrasting mind sets. An entrepreneur acquires an idea of the target market (needs and wants), a customer will explore through various sellers to examine various pros and cons. Moreover, an individual can easily re – unite to kindergarten friends, within seconds, even if one has not grabbed a golden chance to meet in ages.

In layman’s language, a decade before we were illiterate about what technology can do and now we could transmit to anyone, at any point of time and from any part of the world. (Even the universe comes is not left behind.)

Apparently it doesn’t end here. As said, something which comes with an amazing package is surely infected by some dirty filthy facts.

Insatiable desire to socialize is acting like a lust these days. An approach to diversify the contacts is commendable yet disastrous. I don’t recommend getting disconnected with the outer world but the core thought is to limit the set of people we interact and tag as our *best friends* within minutes. Who knows they give you a lesson for life and sometimes the best of all in the existing entire list.

We come across thousands of people in our life span. Nonetheless, it is a challenge to be a part of someone’s life, and to maintain that position forever is more challenging. But what if one is unable to differentiate between *being a part of one’s life automatically* and *a WANT to be a part of one’s life*

Negative socializing is one such factor which leads to hazardous situations where one would be unable to cope up with. There are sites which play a vital role in promoting this viral to the most. One entertains so called *friend requests* from a part of population they hardly know and start disclosing the deep dark secrets. The existence of fake profile and fake information can mislead anyone and could place you in the middle of nowhere.

One of my friend’s urge to increase her known list on one of such sites landed her in a catastrophic situation. Her pictures were used and featured all over the internet. With some fine editing skills it was played along shamelessly by some not-so-wonderful-communities same like chicken pox/rabies which not only affects the patient rather a whole group which is in the surroundings. It took almost a year to normalize her; she isn’t completely diagnosed and still is a victim of depression attacks.

A proper example of; *How one wrong decision can ruin your entire life?*
A forever loss!

World is beautiful until you start playing with it uselessly. There are some restricted boundaries one mustn’t cross. At times one wrong decision can be a resultant of forever tears.

One such lessons of life which is being taught by our elders too, *don’t talk to strangers too frequently without knowing their past or family*. This has become one of the most important reasons in the amplification of the crimes.

Every single thing, no matter how blessed it might seem carry some negatives with it. We just need to understand and eliminate the circumstances which could lead to a point from which it would become hard to return, rest is almighty’s wish.

Stay healthy and Stay blessed.
Most importantly;

Stay alert!
Happy life

Swatii Chandak


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