The existence of each and every breath is entangled and we all move to and fro to find all the associated reasons. What, where and how are the most important of all the queries. And this is precisely that vicious circle which has curbed us with a power popularly known as the *powers of fate*. We dance on each and every tune provided and hardly able to add on a lyric of our own choice.

Traumatized situations offered by almighty.

Sonia was half awake. Engrossed in thinking about all the crap ever happened with her. How she failed to get her first love, how there were understanding issues with her father, how she lost her only friend in a car accident and how this whole act of destiny was getting on her nerves.

Nonetheless she wanted to run, run away from all the masked souls but something which took her aback challenging her to face like a fighter was again the so called *powers of fate*.

“We all talk about female equal rights but practically has anyone tried to follow. Or is it only for bookish knowledge provided by millions and billions of writers, counselors, NGOs etc. It is easy to prove how good one can be but are we all actually suitable for that category?”

“Do we get happy when we see our closest friend getting married with a perfect lad in the whole universe? Aren’t we jealous and dream for the same match? Is it blissful to see someone having an upgraded technology in comparison to what we have?”

Sonia was continuously questioning herself and the answers were yet to be revealed. She was frustrated, engrossed, broken and genuinely concerned about where this whole planet is approaching with respect to her broken desires.

She shook her head, squeezed herself in her tight jeans and finally announced loudly

“Let’s go grab the world Sonia. High time when these bitches should know i exist.”

Sonia is a core hard soul who actually does not get affected by petty chitter chatters rather she has developed a habit to fight through all hurdles and land in heroically.

In her plight of emotions she wanted to become a writer and strive equally hard to follow her passion. As previously mentioned*the powers of fate* always judged her and the capabilities she posses. It was a time of utter distraction when her writing assignment was cheated by some sugar coated people who were actually the wickedest among-st the existing population.

She still kept her work going. She tied the shoe laces again (this time after checking it twice that it won’t ever be the reason for her fall) just to see how many times the supreme power will ever take her yearly examinations in addition to the half yearly’s and unit tests without providing the results.

Yes, she worked and worked so hard to become something above everything not because she wanted to be for everyone else rather this time she wanted it for her own self.

Now the question is who is Sonia? Is it only about one girl and her dreams or the whole human tribe?

Sonia is out there in each and every one of us. An emotion which lusts to come out, a tingling surge which inspires us to follow the passion regardless of what situations offer and in what manner we want to conclude it. Why we think that the day we get cheated or betrayed world comes to an end and there is nothing cheerful left to celebrate? Why don’t we stand and start it all over again to bring a smile on our respective souls? Are all circumstances tagged to break one’s capabilities or is it a planned attack of god to prepare us for some more upcoming and challenging events?

Provoking truth which resides inside each and every one of us!

One can choose to be handicapped with all the “powers of fate” or can make fate work on one’s terms and conditions.

Choice is all ours. Decide and implement accordingly.

Happy life!

-Swatii Chandak 🙂


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