Wedding Bells

There is never too late to get married but too soon if you get hitched with Mr. Wrong.

It is the transformation one awaits and believes it to be immensely beautiful. When with each and every step you take forward there is a hope of having a heavenly future in accordance with past and present.

A relationship which would complement the comfortability levels same as butter and a slice of bread. No matter how frustrating you turn, he’ll love you in his n `number of different yet special ways.

When that one *Darling* in his voice can change your entire mood.

There are moments in life that completely baffle us and make us believe in the power of destiny. These happy accidents turn and twist our lives towards better things.

Strangers unite in this life in a whirlwind of such happy accidents. The accident of finding something truly cherished is defined by the word serendipity. And no two people define the meaning of this word better when decides to get married.

The events that will transpire when you meet your other half will make you complete – these will be interwoven silver filaments of fate and chance. Fate and chance that will work miraculously to unite soul mates destined to find each other, destined to collide

.Wedding Bells

Maybe it was destiny, maybe it was fate or what was written in the stars. It just had to be, in perfect sync with the universe. In the right place, at the right time, in the right spirit.

Two lives, two hearts, two souls, separate paths but one life-changing “I LIKE YOU”.

The beginning of a realization, when they knew they could never let each other go again, at least till



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