When to get married…

Conceptually the core time to get married must be when one magnificently overflowed with the cadence of love. When the whole world stop in its tracks and that tingling feeling surges throughout your body.

Practically never frisk an opportunity when a fantastic photographer offers some charismatic *not-to-be-believed* discounts 😉

Apparently, if the latter is equivalently kept in mind with respect to the core reason *love*, nothing could actually make you happier. A fairy-tale wedding accompanied with a dream soul mate and a splendid photographer who actually gives a perfect definition to each and every click provided with correct timing, acts like a cherry on the cake.

Planning a wedding is not layman’s task. It is something which transforms an entire life and makes you fall in love with every step as you proceed for the future with both the arms stretched out.

To select an appropriate date, decorators, caterers and the list continues is surely a task not easily dealt with.

February is an interval where one would prefer to get married without sweating around in heavy attires, especially for women loaded with accessories.

One such time when love birds so wish to get *officially hitched* is somewhere between valentines week ,specifically *Valentine’s Day* when there is situation of stampede right from the wedding planners to the labourers, from mithaiwala’s to pandit ji’s, from banquet halls to farm houses and so on and on and on.

An obfuscating situation which lands a complete wedding into a total mess if a small flaw is overlooked…

November – February evokes chances of a rush as it is marked as the peak time for anyone to get married.
(P.S. – the whole nation prefers to tie the knot during this time due to pleasant weather, huge *Sawa’s* and n number of supporting reasons including traditional preferences.)

No matter how extra you have to pay during peak season if the arrangements and timely scheduled, the wedding would certainly be one of the finest efforts you ever thought to make.

Apparently, if one heroically chooses a time somewhere between march-October, there are vivid circumstances of a dream wedding that too economically.
(P.S. – Chartered accountants would never let these offers skip)

Off-season weddings happen to grab more attention as it is gonna be the only thing talked about in the community, bride and the bridegroom would be treated as celebs and there are more chances of pandit ji tying the knots with correct mantra’s as there would not be any rush to attend any other wedding in a day irrespective of the peak season 😉

The wedding industry would certainly footloose during this time.

No matter what time you choose, the wedding should be as beautiful as ever thought to be. (Points are only to be taken care regardless of following it blindly)

 Stay happy, stay blessed.


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