We spend days and nights in search of all the queries, which, has lost its meaning, till they regain it back.

It is sarcastically fabulous how they don’t know why you like to travel, driving hours and hours alone.

No, you are not insomniac, and so are the path ways you choose to cross are not mystic.

The aroma of the new place allures you and you find it miraculous, and I definitely know that.

The other day, a stranger came and punctured the tyre of the car you loved the most

We know how doors without handles feel,
and I know how you tried repairing the tyre all by yourself, with all the technicalities.

It kept happening and you never gave up,
Faith is never going to let us down and I know destiny is having something worth it in its pockets

Tyre’s were missing, every other day, and sometimes technicalities failed.

You decide to sit beside your car, facing the abundance love nature was providing

Feeling cool breeze and sore eyes, waiting for everything to get back to normal.

Apparently, you got up one fine day, and found the car missing.

I know what it was, and I know how it felt, a little more than being called shattered.

Not the tyre but someone punctured your soul, managed to make you fall hard on your knees, so as to let you leak, and never know how and why.

After struggling for a while you stood, found a jacket, and a road, while you selected the next destination.

It indeed is a funny life, right here.

One important aspect at a moment can go missing, but you need to find that correct destination which is going to provide peace.

Heart, would be ditched in a different way. Poems, they would be castled with some broken pieces of clay.

Be your own guide.
Your own master and slave

Immense Love,
Swatii Chandak


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