Valentines Week :)

‘THE LOVE TRAIN FROM THE TUNNEL’ Here, one of the most awaited week, about to start ! Fasten the seat belts and hold on to the people you love. Some find it creepy, yet, I believe it is an another occasion to express-an-emotion, more than usual. What’s wrong if these kind of tagged days give wonderful and heart-warming surprises. For the coming week, I will try to portray the ‘light of love’ with my words, if I could do justice to it. (Finger’s Crossed, Hopes High) Stay tuned and do give your feed backs. It really really matters. 

P.S.- The below posts were everyday pieces for the Valentine’s week 2015, which I combined together. 🙂


Rose Day

“The Love Train From The Tunnel”

The aroma of a Relationship, Overt compatibility,Snugging desires, Effacing pains and Sensualisation, blends the emotion with pulchritude…

‘Oodles of Love’ is pictured with the help of these fragrances.

No matter how far you are from your beloved, deliver a rose to the doorstep and see the magical air swirling around the corners.

The sudden gestures of being overwhelmed with lil’ caramel coated surprises and the body dances on the lyrics musically arranged by heart, so-so-well.

I might not be a cupid who blesses to find a perfect love, apparently, i definitely wanna be the one who could direct a lil’ bit of how one should express *LOVE*.

Give a rose to your loved ones today.

Believe me; those lustring red-coloured petals are charismatic.

May love reach everyone

Part -II

Propose Day 

How beautiful a moment could ever turn when being proposed!

Try this with your beloved and lemme know if it works.

A day, When you Propose 🙂

*No matter what confidence you’ve to build, even if it demands mountains to climb and overlook the guild.

The sky turns sultry and sun shines soothing bright,
when twinkling of stars could be felt, here and there,
to make sure things fall alright.

Wind gives music to the lyrics born, born by the moon
and, Angels dance magnificently
Ohh! What a boon!

Let s renew the contract, the contract of lifetime
Make it in a certain way,
which beholds us after committing that romantic crime,

Here, I don’t know how to frame the words,
the words which tickle my nose.

So, while raising a toast, I propose,
after offering you a pretty rose.* 🙂

Happy Propose Day Peeps

And, I propose, to my readers, stay tuned with my verses, phrases and extracts. Also, help me to correct if i someday fail to express and do justice with the phenomenal world of letters and words.

All the best everyone (for today) <wink and giggle>
May your beloved be happiest today 🙂


Chocolate Day

*The Love Train From The Tunnel*

Bang on!!

Here comes the chocolaty day..

Would this single day let anyone, completely satisfy, the melodious flavour ?


Just add extra 5 to the original consumption(today) and let not cavities come your way.

Give the chocolates, more than that, TAKE THE CHOCOLATES !

Happy cad-bury, milky bar, five star etc etc day 🙂

While eating a chocolate…
Straight from the flooded hands with Ferrero Rocher…

Swatii Chandak


Teddy Day

Here we go readers,

Another day, this time marked with a stuffed toy.

More like a princess flavoured ambience where all sorts of teddies would be in demand.

Take a chance, and, gather all the beautiful stuffed cuties of the world.

The effect of valentines week seen beautifully in chocolaty day and teddy day.

Teddy teddy all around, the heart is gonna play merry-go-round.

No matter if it doesn’t rhymes and the message if of least importance.

It’s a wish from my side, stay calm and beautiful like a teddy.

Resultant, the added charm on your lovelies faces.

Happy Teddy Day 🙂

While treating teddy like a punching bag…

Swatii Chandak <wink and giggle>


Promise Day

So here again,

We enter in the zone of *promises*

The promises providing new meaning to our existence.

Promise a chocolate, give a vow
And, let your beloved get crazier with every surprise and shout *Oh Wow*

Promises and promises, yes we can break them but never break hearts.

Shatter all the white lies and promise the unsaid.

In the aroma of love and friendship,

I extend a promise to learn everyday and would try to match the expectation of the readers. 🙂

Would you promise to give me the feedbacks ?

Say a yes, it would make my day. 😉

Taking the promises with hook and crook

Swatii Chandak


Hug Day

As we proceed towards celebrating each and every thread of love,

Here we move on to another one,

A day to represent the gesture in a more delicate and mesmerizing way.

We cry, we laugh, we cherish, we party, we laugh and do every possible thing, but, never without a hug.

An expression of togetherness…..

*Hug* all the near and dear ones and in the process don’t forget your beloved.

Tighten your beautiful/handsome in the arms, such way that the happiness gets reflected from the soul….

Deep down inside !

As i said, i am no cupid, but, do want to be the one who could ignite the flame of representing it in a heart- melting way.

Don’t forget to initiate this day without this beautiful emotion.

Here I am, with an expression of promoting togetherness, wish and pray for the *love-filled* future for one n all.

Happy hug day


Kiss Day

The awaited day has finally arrived.

Ahaan …

Friends, family and countrymen ( country women too 😛 )

It’s a day in India where a lot would go crazy tagging it vulgar.

Believe me it’s not.

Stop toying with wonderful souls.

A day which could win hearts blending all the emotions together.

A forehead kiss to people you love would soothe their lives the most.

Expression could be any, it depends on the educated minds (not bookish) to understand, understand the language of love.

Fall in love with your beloved all over again, not with an intention of physical desire, but with an intention of providing a serious commitment …

A commitment of forever and ever and ever.

Kisses are not bad, intentions are.

So polish the intentions and make them true, fear would not touch and people would respect you.

Happy kiss day 🙂

With a hope that no one would ever ditch and play with their beloved’s emotions …

Keep it simplistically beautiful not vulgar…

Finally, Part-VIII

Valentine’s Day

Yes, here it comes…

*The Valentine’s*

I hardly oppose if the expression of love is barricaded with a single day, but in due favour if it is just an add on to make it lovable for your beloved with a tinge of *hatke* events.

If you have ever loved someone, no matter a crush, infatuation or what not, just go and confess.

Life would be much more simpler.

Half of the problems starts because of *silence*

Start speaking and confess

You never know who is waiting for your charismatic words.

Don’t care when sun shines bright, don’t wait till twilight,
Here is the chance to speak a lil, a lil of something which clears the insight.


It is a privilege when you love someone more than yourself.

Happy Valentine’s

While idolizing a fantasy …

Immense Love

Keep loving

Swatii Chandak 🙂


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