And, I love you …

The moment I breathe, I realize I love you
the calmness of your moist lips
vanishes the obfuscations in my mind as I kiss you

I am overflowed with you and your touch.
As you caress me, I love you so so much

The moment you react to all my tantrums
and introduce me to a fantasy land where I couldn’t ever reach alone
An area recently visited, which existed from ages, but I found it now.

The way you protect me beneath your tender cozy arms,
believe me I love you even more

That magic your smile brings, the way you cuddle
The way your lyric guides me to all the tunes
I gradually have understood the meaning of the song you play named love.

In the crisscross of our fingers,
I love you with all my senses

The way we swirl, the way we eat
The way we respect all the do’s and don’t ‘s.

I feel honored I feel like a queen
As you grab me tighter, I love you beyond infinity

When we lie in the dark to find light,
There you meet me and develop a beautiful insight

And nothing seems perfect in those imperfections.
As you seek a permission to leave, I love you even more

You take me with you, no matter where you are or will ever go
And no one could take my place even if the lord tries to embark

That cone without a scoop of ice-cream,
that sultry sky with the lack of stars.

And when I let you go, remember I love you from whole of me,
increasing with every passing second.

I sense you jump, I let you fly

I imagine you loving me and place myself as beloved
And I couldn’t love you more.

Because, I love you to the core.

May you all be blessed with immense love
Swatii Chandak

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