We all should promise ourselves for a life we don’t regret ever and be proud of. They say it’s easy to regret every little thing but very hard to feel happy about the choices we tend to make.

Let love, clemency and perceptions make a path, towards the society where smiles would be the root cause to make life healthier and happier.

When hope, fortitude and conviction will land me in the middle of somewhere that would definitely make me sturdy, stout, joyful and an optimistic. When the inner gust and susceptibility would guide me and be the best of all the professors introducing me to that vibrant light which was closed by impossibilities and pessimism long back.

Definitely I need take care of everyone including my health, wealth, prayers, body, soul, ambiance, family, friends and my universe.

I have to fully concentrate on where I am and what I do rather subjected with thoughts which might occur somewhere in the future and shatter me, I need to live in the present to make future worthy; to let myself and my heart, extending the reach of those who will love me immensely and vice versa; to let go of things which made me cry , to forgive and shower the love which will help me become a better person; to shine bright and witness sunrise and sun set often; to live with that heart throbbing smile and not just for the sake of breathing.

That my interests and passion would let me be something I want to, not aligned by the people who want to articulate me and my dreams.

To let my soul talk and let my silence be more powerful than the words; to let not argue with those who could merely understand the meaning of this beautiful life and just focus on the pulchritude – the outer cast; to let jump, ride, fly, fall, call and smile; to sparkle, to restart no matter how hard it gets to initialize again.

That I believe to be a learner forever while acting as a pedagogue too.

To let questions drive me in such a manner that I crave to search the apt answers which satisfy; to let my dreams unfold into realities having respect with the synchronizations and harmony of both.

That I promise to be everything and never to forget at least what I actually promised.

To stick to my words and cling to all the commitments I lay; to believe that my heart and mind would find a place where I am supposed to be, irrelevant of chasing things which lacks significance in my journey of serendipity.
I promise to abide to each and everything.

-Swatii Chandak

P.S.- This piece was originally written for Half Baked Beans


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