Let the light in.

Rather than fixing the split,

Just try to leave the way it is
Don’t hide, don’t be guilty
It is an add on,
Beautifully depicting what you actually are!

Let it sparkle from the sweat when you jog,
Let it outcast the expression when you enjoy the drizzle,
Don’t fear the world,
They will create a story according to acquaintances.

Gently caress the scars you have
As they are your part
No matter if they are invisible
Only to be seen and felt via heart

Don’t conceal rather feel!

Each and every break shows the vulnerability
The honesty and practicality
They are the bumpers which reminds you of you
And sets an alarm for not facing the same situation again.

Healing them is a necessity,
But only time and your own insights can do it.

So, Cherish all the wounds
Never perfect these beautiful imperfections
The gaps of you failure,
Which lets the light of hope in.

And please let that light in,
It will twinkle the reality, eradicating the fake smile.

Swatii Chandak


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