Table for one please!!

Tangled part about visiting a cafe all by yourself is more about the intrepidity to step inside the place and gesturing via hands.

 “Table for one, Please.”

Once you settle into a cozy corner, finding the waiters at your service — the protagonist venerates your audacity. Apparently, I faced it today while visiting a restaurant all by myself.

Oh my god, what a thrill it was!

Most of us don’t think it in such a way. But for some, it’s definitely big-a-deal. Rather than ordering random stuff from home or even preferring a take-out, I managed to have a DATE without an actual DATE.

There were two beautiful aspects of the entire episode – Me and my soul. Both can be trusted equivalently. And coming back to the picture in the cafe just visited, a couple of eyes set upon wondering why I am there alone, waiting for someone or ditched by a meeting… Ahh, multiple reasons.

It is sometimes awesome to leave people puzzled by giving some extra effects. Shed a tear, and the whole scenario will shift towards you.

One of the best experiences. Flourishing and nourishing the time and body with some quality and great food is what I loved. I ordered all the favorites without the judgmental set of eyes besides or across.

And what on earth is more satisfying than one’s own company.

 A sudden memory crossed my mind when I visited the same café a week ago with a bunch of 7 friends ordering hell lot of dishes but hardly remembered the taste of any. And today, the food left me all speechless. I wonder if it’s the same place I have been so many times and serve such great food.

Though we share laughs with a company accompanied with wine and project details and future plans and what not? In the process, the taste always gets overlooked.

Recollect the moment when you ate your last meal without any technological or emotional disturbance rather in complete silence — Remember how relishing that Daal Makhni was or how satisfying that simple bowl of Maggie acted?

Travelling teaches a lot of things, and I am one such person. Eating alone has now become a part and quite enjoyable too.

While dining solo, I’m reminded of how strong my relationships are. It reminds me to be grateful for them and to continue to grow and nurture them. By the way, this often happens because of that awkward couple in the corner who have nothing to say to each other.

Of course, I’m not saying you should eat solo all the time because we all know a good company and great conversation is food for the soul.

Though, I highly recommend solo dining a try once or twice. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the experience. It’s been said that you should do something that scares you every day and I do believe this practice is scary for a lot of folks out there.

Next time that you find yourself on a business trip or home by yourself at mealtime; try enjoying some “me time.” It doesn’t even have to be dinner, try breakfast in the garden (no phone, no books).

You can eat fast or slow.

You can order the most expensive meal or the cheapest one on the menu and not feel guilty. You can eat with your hands.

All your time fellas.

While eating Waffles with Nutella
Swatii Chandak.


11 thoughts on “Table for one please!!

    1. True that. Though i love company while having a meal, still, somewhere down the line, solo dining once in a month is not a bad option either. It totally refreshes and you get a chance to have a word with yourself. Always help in case deciding something important 🙂

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  1. Eating out for me is a treat I do almost everyday. I often go with one of my many friends but most are still working during the week. So I eat a solitary lunch sometimes and truly enjoy it! I agree wholeheartedly!! Another good thing about eating alone is it increases your self confidence and self reliance. Both of these are wonderful personality traits that will help you later in life, if not immediately! Good for you. I sometimes bring a book to read and pick a quiet corner to eat in. Thank you for a delightful read on this topic!!

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