Dance – the way you want!

If ever I get a chance to dance the way I want

No matter where and how,
The streets or crossroads,
In the lounge or the rooftop
To my own lyrics and self-generated beats.

The wind would take the place of that beautiful flute,
And the windy aroma would touch me to make me move,
And caresses my hair and there…
They make the beautiful plaits.

The drizzle will give an additional tune,
Now who on earth will ever need a guitar?Capture
Beautifully the drizzle will make me dance,
While poking me in the skin and places.

And sliding the *Chocolacious* smoothness,
There the thunder beat that melodious drum.

And… Oh! the lightning!
Didn’t threaten but motivated.

Barbaric and untamed!
Enticing and willful!!

The shimmer and the glory of that heart-warming moon
Is going to act my spotlight.

And when they say please Dance for the world,
show them the talent.
I choose to do it for myself

Here I stand and bow down to ask
Would you prefer to stop?
Or trouble to join my footsteps
In the rhythm of lifetime

When our hearts would beat for each other
With the flute and drums
Most importantly where our breathing
Will become one, forever ever.

While dancing to my own tunes
Swatii Chandak


16 thoughts on “Dance – the way you want!

  1. Thank you so much Karan. A sudden happy gesture comes my way whenever being appreciated.
    Keep reading.
    Suggestions are always welcomed – no matter good or bad 🙂


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