Hello Soulmate – My thoughts for you.

Listen Soul mate, Yes I love you!!
(Past, Present and Future)

Could be strange for some but surely not for all.

Some find it mushy some gets overwhelmed.
But the one who experiences it understands it exactly.

Here how a lover feels via my words. Correct me at the place i go wrong.

“As I say it again, yes I have always loved you,
Like forever.

Way before destiny introduced me to you, I knew you.
Way before I hardly heard of word Soul mates, I knew you…..

And the day we met it was a *Meant-to-be* moment. And we became friends in an INSTANT.

How your aroma magnificently surmounted me within the arms of security.
Stammered and showered the soul with numerable questions.

Like I surely have seen you before.

You were with me in NOW’s and THEN’s.
Much before when you were just a fantasy.

It seemed each and every path once bifurcated so that I could meet you.
A plan, well-crafted plan it was.

Though I did not pay attention to most of the things due to the lazy attitude, and I survived each day—

How I grew stronger in vain because of the blur image I always carried with myself – Of You.

Oh I Love you Soul mate!!

The first words alarming my senses and the first conversation where disagreements seemed beautiful.

I know, dear heart you’ve been waiting a life time, but, please, beat slowly and keep me calm.

I hardly knew your preferences but I wanted to be you one of the priorities.
How I craved to see what future withholds but failed due to natural barricades.

Not of thinking some prince on a white horse,
but also,
never thought I could ever be blessed with someone like you.

That one connection and you turned me on.

The first time when you said We love us, made my day.
How beautifully you arranged the disarranged me.

Our strengths and weaknesses made harmony with a lil bit of heart touching quarrels.

You had trust on me.
You knew me inside out.

How you do that is a mystery to me till date.

You let me in your heart and I found myself in heaven.
We are different but yet the same.

When you first explored me and ran your fingers around I wondered if that sensation was love and how I felt liberated.

You knew my points, the places which could make me crazy and I fall for you each and every day more.

That one eye – in – eye look where you find me crystal clear without I even uttering a word.

I committed myself and you gave me my better version in return.
Someone which hided I don’t know where.

Whenever I tend to look at that mirror I SEE YOU.

You made sure those 206 bones knows your touch.
How majestically and charismatic-ally you won my heart.

My veins knew all of you.
You showed me all of me, you and US.

Ohh I love you even more.
No choices and no explanations.

You were the one I waited for.

And I guess both of our wait is worth it.”

While searching this beautiful feeling
Swatii Chandak


18 thoughts on “Hello Soulmate – My thoughts for you.

    1. And the feedback, for minute contribution in the field of writing, makes my day brighter. Thank you so much Anu. 🙂
      I will try to maintain and improve with each and every passing second 🙂


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