The best friend destiny could ever introduce me with – Praful Parakh

More than being a best friend, he is the best mentor destiny introduced me with. No matter what people talk behind our back, I don’t give a damn about it.

Here are some words dedicated from me to you, Praful.

What makes me update this, is certainly mystic to me too. Irrespective of fighting endlessly on all the communication routers we have, this is one of my *Out of respect update* for you, No PDA – believe me.

“When I see him guiding each and everyone without caring about the time or place or situation is commendable. Spreading smiles without asking in return is one mantra he follows. Shame is when people forget his worth. I have seen a lot getting disrespectful for his genuine concerns. My sympathies for such souls.

Tagged as a *Mother* by most of his friends, he genuinely cares like one. One pretty girl he is (According to me). His one of the best friend says he knows only two colors – Black and white. And believe me, that’s the best compliment.

It is always a moment of proud for a friend when the other friend is being appreciated all around. The kind of character and nature he possesses could never be matched. And I am one such proud friend.

Coming on to me, he is a mentor. The best mentor. No matter how worthless I write, paint, sing, cook or dance, he never forgets to motivate me, until I start believing in me again. Touchwood.

Writing is one passion I am working towards and just as Mumma Baba and my Sister gets the credit, he equally holds a position to guide and for being present there, forever. The one who gets more than happy if my page gets a like or a complement. The one who jumps with a thought that I am writing a book. I wish everyone gets a friend like him. The best brother, son, friend and one of the best-est teacher I have come across.

A passionate learner he is. How beautifully relations are to be cherished is a chapter should be learned from him.

I know we all have some flaws as no one is a perfectionist. But he definitely has some of the rarest and is someone equivalent to a perfectionist.

Thank you, is a word which will fall short. May you achieve all the heights and be blessed forever.

Happy life (Hugs)
Swatii Chandak (Golu as per you)


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