Sister holds a meaning because of her (my tunnii) – Sristy Agarwal

Right after parents (or equivalent to them) the one soul holding your biggest piece of heart is your sibling. Who cares if she is connected via blood or not.

Lately, someone inquired from her out of utter curiosity …

 *Swatii is not a blood connect. How can she be your sister?*

Her reply brought me into tears

*Who cares about that blood connect when love defines a relationship. She is my twin sister who knows me exactly the way I am. I trust her the most*

I never thought almighty would plan a meeting with my soul – sibling after I turn 19. I met her after completion of my teenage.

Now it feels I have never been without her.

The one person who has made me believe of how having a sibling is the most precious stuff ever. She is that pillar who never lets me break.

Knowing all my strengths and weakness, she has blended with them charismatic-ally.

I realized the meaning of *Being Sisters* after her entry in my life.

Just like any other crazy twosome we fight with the extreme intensity, we get angry and at times disappointed too. But the long upsetting day after blaming each other vanishes with a hug and a stomach cracking pillow fight.

Coming on to her.

She is one beautiful and selfless soul. Always ready to help others in the best possible way, no matter who so ever asks for it. A child in her heart never agrees to grow up (I face it the most). She is flexible, she is beautiful, she is majestic, she is charismatic, she is my twin, she is someone I cannot live without, she is full of life and she is my best surprise.


A life support system she is.

“When she knows each and every quality I possess in addition with the imperfections I have,
When she guides me through the up’s and down’s and fulfills my kiddo desires,
When I can fight endlessly for hours with her,
When I’m never ever left alone,
When I have the trust of having her in each and every phase of life”

No matter what life was, is or will be…
She that one lyric, without which my journey’s song can never reach its completion.

I once quoted for her

*How blissful and blessed I feel when I have a best friend in the form of a sister and a sister who is my best friend forever!*

I can never sum up in words how much i love you …
My baby sister.

With a pledge to frustrate and irritate you forever
Swatii Chandak (Twinkii as per you)


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