Caramel Coated First and Forever Teacher (my mumma) – Bela Chandak

Whenever they say I have her smile, my day brightens

Whenever they say I cook like her, life becomes delicious

Whenever they say I dress like her, I feel beautiful

Whenever they say I speak like her, I automatically get the best lyric

Whenever they say I look exactly like her, life finds a meaning.

Howdy fellas.

It is not only for my mother but for each and every beautiful soul who not only gives birth but makes sure to teach us the parameters for a happy and blissful life which we will pass on to the future generations.

She is someone precious than God.

Saying only my mother is awesome-est would be wrong –  They all are “The Best.”

They all hold and share an equal place in the heart. My perspective.

Coming on to my pretty lady –

DSC_0155 (2)

When the world asked me to stick to the degree, I earned, after 18 hours of continuous study for 5 long years, and join a multinational for a secured future…

My mother believed in the dreams I knitted and agreed to take a ride with me in my rollercoaster plans. I wanted to become a writer. And she is the only foundation for my dreams.

I am sure each and every mother out there is the same. They all are the basis for our first steps right from the day we learn to walk to the day we give a hand so that some other could walk too.

They suffer in our suffering, get teased in our teasing, blessed with our blessing, happy in our well-being, feels awarded when we get trophies, drops a tear of bliss when we cook no matter how bad it tastes, agrees in our agreements and disagrees which is not going to suit (us).

She is a ray of light in the era of darkness.

The only person who will never ask for the favor in return of favor – Is a mother.

I never get words to describe such beautiful soul but here goes a poem dedicated to her:

Ain’t a poetess but want be one

Here I see myself becoming one

Describing you through the little yet the best words I have

The time I was born and the time I started to learn
scribbling on pages and writing a new pack of words

In that select *Powerpuff Girl* notepad

I wrote what evoked inside my brain
for the nights I slept and the nights I didn’t

with the inner eyes open
recognizing your fragrance and those steps accompanied with the sound of anklet
How she is all awake by my side even after having a terrible day
Just to see her princess with that carefree sleep

The cake she baked after struggling with that hyperactive laptop and the internet
The song she played after pushing herself to become habitual of that EDM
The dress she tried to get comfortable with which I like
The times she ruffled the ruffles and just smile while letting go of all the cries.

Nothing can ever match what you do for me
Just a token of me while portraying how you make this world beautiful to let me see.

I don’t get scared when you engulf me in your arms
I get rejuvenated when you say “I know you can do it” with a spark
I want to become something to make you proud
I don’t want you to fall ever to that filthy ground.

I might not be the best daughter in the world
But I love you no little less

I promise to be what you ever want me to be
And ever to flicker, no matter how hard it could be.

I love you mumma

Straight from the heart for every mother –

We are blessed to have you.

A single day cannot be tagged to plan celebrations for these precious souls.

Try doing small stuff for her every day. Take out some time from your busy schedules and cherish it with her.

Give her your time, she deserves it the most
Give her the right, she needs it the most
Give her the decision-making power, she will never make it wrong
Give her the right to choose, she will pick out the best for you
Give her the love, she craves for it the most
Give her the care, she will have happy tears forever.

This mothers day, rather than bringing a cake or an expensive gift, take a pledge to give her every day what she deserves the most –


For the women who is my pride
Swatii Chandak (Gudiya as per you)


14 thoughts on “Caramel Coated First and Forever Teacher (my mumma) – Bela Chandak

  1. Oh Girl! How beautifully you have expressed the feelings… I can relate to all of these feelings.. I literally got watery eyes while reading this! These are all the things I always felt for my mom, you just helped each and every one out there by defining those feelings into such beautiful words! It is like that we all have been humming this tune since childhood, you helped us find its lyrics!

    *Loved it*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awee… I am sure any daughter or mother reading this will love you for posting such a beautiful, relatable post! I personally enjoy reading expression of emotion, experiences of real world us, and this post among many others on your channel certainly provide so much more than what many like me would desire to read …thank you and looking forward to reading more on this blog!! Also, much love and best wishes to the mommy daughter duo! Cheers 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You 🙂
      Bliss to receive such a wonderful feedback.

      Fastened the seat belts, already, to write more after the wonderful words you have filled me with.

      I am so touched 🙂
      Looking forward to your beautiful write up’s as well.

      Keep writing and keep showering your valuable feedback. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You wrote it with such purity that you made me appreciate my mom even more and following are few lines to complement your writing:

    मांं तो मांं होती है दुनिया वालो,
    मांं जैसी कोई परछाई नही,
    मांं ही शकति,
    मांं ही भकति,
    मांं बिन यह जीवन है अधूरा.

    कौन कहता है सिर्फ़ भकति से खुदा मिलता है,
    मुझसे पूछो तो, खुदा मेरी मांं मे रहता है.

    Keep writing and keep shining.


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