Helplessness – Earthquake

There I hear a cry
a cry so clear and loud

Who is there inside that debris
my soul wondered

A wife who was busy making chappatis, or,
An infant having that cuddly afternoon nap, or,
A boy trying to attend that chemistry lecture with all the senses, or,
A grandfather ready to switch on the very 25 year old Television set.

Who so ever is in there, is helpless
and so is every one of us

We are bound and handcuffed with the brutal fate
I stand here with a box full of questions
with no one to answer them with a level of accuracy

I am throwing each and every inch of mess I could, apart
To reach where the sound is stuck,
extending a hand of humanity
with a pledge to walk shoulder to shoulder, in the dark.

I want to take out that son for whom the wet eyes of a mother awaits
I want to take out that man for his beloved wife, the wedding vows shouldn’t turn pale and all white.
I want to take out the grandma so that grandpa’s hope never dies.

But how to do that?
How to ask nature and plead to spare lives?

We have suffered to an extent
an extent to suffocate.

When the land we walk on shakes,
and the mountain scare, with no signs to spare

Demanding mother earth to show some gratitude
we are praying for what we are eligible for

*A Life which only gives a Happy Surprise*

While waiting for a ray of hope
Swatii Chandak


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