A blessing straight from heaven – Abhilash Singhal

Rightly said – If you are friends with someone for more than 7 years, you are friends forever.

I met him long back in 2008. Calling him just a best friend could never be apt. He is more like a mirror image.

I never ever have to think twice when I am with him. True, we share the equal amount of craziness, he is the first person I ever call in happy and sad times.

Having that trust of ever having that friend by your side you need the most in the middle of everywhere and nowhere. When we never make hell lot of rules and promises and search partners suitable for each other.

He is the only person who has been a part of all my drastic mischief’s while committing the same mistakes with me. One kid he is and so am I.

To all the drama’s we have ever shared, he is one blessing god has showered me with.

I never think before speaking in front of him and that is the beauty of a successful friendship.

For all my readers…

Each one of you must be having a friend everything for you. For me it is Abhilash, who has never judged me for who I am or what I speak. I can be me, Forever.

I don’t have enough words for this soul. I am all short of words.

And if you all have one such friend whom you love the most, give a call straight away after reading this blog. As their smile will lighten up your respective worlds.

Your craziest forever friend
Swatii Chandak


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