A 3 day quote challenge (Day 2 – Love)

New morning, Bright sunny rays eavesdropping through the slightly open corner of my balcony door with a lovely bread and cheese breakfast waiting for me to get finished. Yayiee!

I so love it.

Here, i proceed with the challenge:

This time a quote by me.


I respect all the writers (some special credits for the people associated with love as their genre). Though, this quote depicts my perception (totally) 🙂

How beautifully words are placed to form something charismatic, is purely mystic to me till date. I want to dive in the pool of words in search of that pearl imagination which will let me excel in *love* genre, someday.

I so wish and pray.


1) PCB – Though, i ve learned, you already took a part. Still, i nominate 😀

2) Fire And Ice– Waiting for your quotes! 🙂

3) The V-Pub – Waiting for your quotes! 🙂

Rules, as specified, by @ayushi, yet modified in my words 😉

1) Write 3 different quotes for 3 consecutive days.

2) Nominate 3 people everyday.

3)Be grateful for the person who nominated <Giggle>

Day 2, begins…


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