Fear of …


What could be the original judgmental fear ever?

She is a women and she has a fear. A perfect no if people connect it with some gender issues! She believes in equality. Well she fears *to fail even after putting ample amount hard work*.

If she cannot be *good enough*.

If she ever has to choose without * preferences and want priorities.* This fear has always been with her. Since forever. Since her entire childhood.

And, till date, even after passing that playful teenage further entering in a beautiful after-phase of life, she fears exactly the same. She feels difficult to perceive the deceptive outward appearance for each and everything she ever tends to do.

Being happy with the imperfections she possess, has become way too difficult. Is there a requirement to excel in everything and not just doing it for desires? Proclaiming the thirst! For each and every women out there, who has struggled through a similar situation, the soft cuddly shoulders are burdened with the lust of competition and dreams are back routed stating the obvious.

*Society Terminology*.

I saw my neighbor performing this so-called norm with their child. I don’t blame them. It is an implied curse ruling our souls. Talking about the after packages and hardly paying heed to the interests on the kind of career she wants to choose and pursue!

If everyone, present, is going to become a Doctor, then who is ever gonna click pictures?

Why being judgmental in case of what profession one tends to choose?

And even if chosen according to desires, why being questioned with a strange stare?

Trial should only end up in success, according to ‘em. Failure would upset their image. As failure would lead people to mumble and create a nuisance. Funny, isn’t it?

She is very transparent with the thoughts she possess. There has to be a valediction of this ruthless fear. But, at the end, seeing a parent doing the best for her no matter what costs them, passes on an extreme fear, too. The fear if she fails, she will have to end up with someone she never wants to.

She craves to stand for the dreams she has witnessed with the twinkling eyes, but the fear is a barricade, she is all confused. Initially, we are handcuffed with social dilemma.

Technically it is the only reason judging the existence. Finally leading us to a situation of helplessness. And, there, we are failed with an illusion. Let’s just say,

If she becomes a teacher, they say *It might help her after marriage* – Good career option being a girl.

If she studies Bsc Eco honors, they say it will fetch her a degree. And basically she would end up in cooking meals. why bother?

If she opts for engineering, they say it is basically for boys! Why to compete?

If she wants to start her own venture, they say she will be married soon! Why to waste money.

And there are n number of norms people will guide there & after. She will have a fear associated with what so ever on earth she will ever do. A fear to disappoint the parents who are puzzled why their perfect daughter want to throw everything she has achieved and start something out of the box.

More than anything, she is scared of being pointed out by strangers as an imperfection-ist, of being judgmental for not being “good enough”! For the removal of fears, these stated points could be practiced. I certainly don’t know this will help to vanish all of ‘em but sure of transforming the thinking route and being motivated. Have a look…

  1. What are the fears? Question yourself
  2. Why are they ruling you? Get a clear idea.
  3. Believe in your dream 4. Take a step and pursue.

Do give it a try and things are gonna revolve upside down. For all the lovely ladies who dare to think beyond imperfections and pursue what they desire for…

Immense Love
Swatii Chandak.


6 thoughts on “Fear of …

    1. Glad to get the feedback.

      This is one basic problem which each and every soul at some point of time faces. I thought if i could do justice to a girl’s point of view (being one) for this genuine fear prevailing in the society.

      Appreciation motivates to write more. Thank you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You So Much, Ma’am.
      Glad you liked it. This appreciation has surely motivated me to write more. Keep reading and do pass on your valuable feedback 🙂


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