A 3 day quote challenge (Day 3 – You)

I am not a person who breaks the specified rules. But this time, I guess, need to follow an old saying for the contentment – *It is good to break some rules*.

Here, I would like to repair what I broke unintentionally due to some unavoidable reasons.

Proceeding towards the finale of this thread, a piece of apology from my end with a request not to reiterate what I practised (Unintentionally though).

The quotes need to be posted for 3 consecutive days. (STAR MARK)
(A fair escape granted in case of genuine reason)

Here, today’s quote:

“Its own position veers towards the pragmatic evolutionary principle of reciprocal altruism: adopt a friendly face to the world but do not allow yourself to be exploited.”

 Gurcharan Das, Difficulty Of Being Good

One charisma this book has. The entire perception transformed after completing this particular piece of great writing. Each and Every work keeps you intact with it’s majestic pages, till the end. I always recommend it to readers and writers I know.


1) Itsmine– Waiting for your quotes! 🙂

2) F.G.M– Waiting for your quotes! 🙂

3) Siddhartha – Waiting for your quotes! 🙂

Rules, as specified, by @ayushi, yet modified in my words 😉

1) Write 3 different quotes for 3 consecutive days. ( I disobeyed this one due to some unavoidable reasons. 😦 )

2) Nominate 3 people every day.

3)Be grateful for the person who nominated. <Giggle>

Day 3 begins…


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