An Open ‘Love’ Letter to a new lover

I wrote this during an emotional tilt, months back. Hope you all like it.
Feedback Awaited 🙂

Swatii Chandak

Oh my God!
A self and happy realization of not being a different specie anymore. Yes, I have fallen in love and not because I want to be picked in thousand beautiful ways.

Indeed, it is titillating and rip-roaring yet horrendous.

A moment when I’m flapping without wings, singing without fears, laughing but not because someone cracked a joke, and crying hard without losing any hope. As if I have got the best jelly beans amongst the lot and there, my love – so hot.

And I feel rejuvenated and all charged up.

When a bud is all set to bloom and gets transformed in the most beautiful flower, spreading marvelously heart throbbing fragrance. When a lover is startled with this new feeling all around, the “sun-rise” automatically looks nourishing and “sun-set” turns all the more romantic.

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6 thoughts on “An Open ‘Love’ Letter to a new lover

    1. I so hope, pray and wish you receive all the beautiful moments from the date night you have ever imagined and a wonderful life ahead filled with oceans of love.

      Keep Reading, Keep Sharing! 🙂

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