Love/Hate Challenge :)

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What an amazing experience in this literary world to know your fellow bloggers while they pen down their likes/dislikes happily in order to get a step closer to people they have hardly met, but share a mesmerizing connection.

The time a blog is open, recent posts in the reader’s tab manage to spellbound a writer. How beautifully the same emotions are depicted with some different set of breath-taking placement of words. <Bliss>

Now, coming back to the challenge…

Ashish has nominated me for this. One of the recent threads I got a chance to connect with. A must visit blog he maintains (do have a look)!

The not-to-break rules!

1) List 10 things that you love.
2) List 10 things that you hate.
3) Nominate fellow bloggers to take the challenge.

I love!

1. Cappuccino.
2. Cartoon-Network.
3. Smiles.
4. Cooking (One big foodie I am).
5. Travelling.
6. Books.
7. Transforming the lyrics of a song to give it a personal touch.
8. Canvas Painting.
9. Lyrical Hip-Hop (Though I hardly know the procedure).
10. Blogging (recently found love).

I hate!

1. Tears.
2. Double faces.
3. Plagiarism.
4. Aloe Vera Juice (My morning starts with the same. Courtesy mom).
5. When someone takes a bite from my muffin.
6. Theaters.
7. Shopping.
8. Anger
9. Smart Phones
( I never understand the infinite options it offers. Though I own one, too :p )
10. Bragging.

Pheww …
Quite a task it was to select a few from the pool of choices. Finally, managed.

Let’s Nominate!

1. Erika Kind.
2. MihranK.
3. Prateek Kohli.
4. Karishma Magvani.
5. Every Word You Say.
6. Natasha.

Looking forward to all the reverts.

Immense Love
Swatii Chandak


25 thoughts on “Love/Hate Challenge :)

  1. Wonderful points on both lists. I understand your smartphone problem. I use lots of its functions but my kids still laugh at me since they know and use much more… Thank you for nominating me, Swatii ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pleasure, Erika 🙂

      A completely different scenario at my place. My father knows to operate these blessing-to-mankind- thing better than me. I, sometimes, have that urge to leave to leave these tiny monsters and switch to pager. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Do you not like shopping because it is kind of stressful with all of those people, then when you get in the store there are so many choices and people, bright lights, etc. If not, that’s how I feel, I have a love/hate relationship with shopping.


    1. Hey!

      Indeed! One of the reasons is stress. The confusion can lead to stick to a couple of dresses for hours.
      And, after a huge argument with the inner-self, it is hard to persuade that the one picked is worth it?

      Ahhh … Shopping is the synonym of confusion 😦


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