Table for one please!!

It simply means I can enjoy my company, too. Try it out, if you haven’t, yet 😀

Swatii Chandak

Tangled part about visiting a cafe all by yourself is more about the intrepidity to step inside the place and gesturing via hands.

 “Table for one, Please”

Once you settle into a cozy corner, finding the waiters at your service — and protagonist venerate your audacity. Apparently I faced it today while visiting a restaurant all by myself.

Oh my god, what a thrill it was.

Most of us don’t think it in such a way. But for some, it’s definitely big-a-deal. Rather than ordering random stuff from home or even preferring a take-out, I managed to have a DATE without an actual DATE.

There were two beautiful aspects of the entire episode – Me and my soul. Both can be trusted equivalently.

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