Love Unplugged – Part 3

If it hurts, please think again, as it is not love.
Gives you grief and not even a tinge of joy.
Apparently they will provide you theories,
Jeopardize, as love is not the only thing which surmise.

Darling, you need someone in your ups and downs.
You even want to fill in the spaces between fingers.
Certainly don’t stay for the sake of having someone.
Don’t cling around because you think this is the last hope!

Intense hurt is not something you deserve, please move on.
This lesson was meant to be!
Possible for your own good!
Find someone who completes rather complicates,
And you hardly shiver because he is there forever!

Wait for those kind words which would encircle the world,
with happiness around,
You deserve no less but happiness from all!
Let it go, Please, let it go!

Give a chance to the one who is in need of it!
And out there you will see someone just waiting only for your smile!
Rejuvenate yourself and feel new!
Let someone take you as a whole and never let you feel low!

Love will have a meaning that day,
And you will flow in that beautiful sway.

Swatii Chandak


31 thoughts on “Love Unplugged – Part 3

  1. Swatii, that was the most beautiful and comforting poem or even words I have ever read. If it hurts then it is time to move on. Love is always around and somtimes it sends us knives in order to change direction and see the blessing around the next corner. It is interesting because I wrote a poem today which is like an addition to yours. I love your poem, Swatii.

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  2. hey Swatii , how did i miss your post .. but yeah now that i have read this , i would say i get your message. for everyone who has been holding on to their past ,and sad for the broken relationships they had, your poem should show them the light towards better tomorrow .
    completely loved the essence of this poem and kindest of the kind heart you have .

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    1. A smile managed to fill up my face automatically after reading *How did I miss your post*.

      Happy me πŸ™‚

      It is, indeed, a bliss to receive this kind of appreciation from fellow bloggers like you. πŸ™‚

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  3. nice. but I believe in a love which is very simple, straight, and without any reciprocity because I love someone for the way they are, I might be in love for her coplexities, for her sense of balance, even if it appears that my finger spaces are vacant but they are not..she is there in my belief, faith…
    May be it sounds wired but for me love is trust…its really eternal
    I appreciate the pragmatism in this post and the emotions within.!!
    thank you

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    1. Thank You πŸ™‚

      Definitely difficult to let go. If ask for a favourite dish to leave we think n number of times, this is gonna be far more tough.

      But clinging on to something which gives you immense pain is unjustified for your own-self. And leaving at that moment will get easy.

      Isn’t it?

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