“You’ve left me with a thirst unappeased. I am a lonely soul, at times, attacked with the sensations of fumes around the boundaries of my heart and scorching the inner self.

I am not a newbie to wishes, to passion even, but what I exactly starve these days for is certainly mystic to me too.

I don’t want to find an escape route, rather I hungry for someone loving me madly.

One who can let me be me and be an inspiration and act as a guide to me!

I am searching for love rather than lust.

It doesn’t make sense to some people, finding it unwavering and mushy still nothing is simpler yet far more complicated.

But, I crave for it. For someone to be crazily in love with me.

 Fantasies engulfing me inside a pinkish haze with evoking and electrifying and tickles on my fingertips as I mark the shadows along your cheek bone. 

Wait for a proper time or just stop waiting, but please just take me—

Ain’t about my body anymore but my heart which is all yours.

The laughter’s and desires all around.

My Bare feet took the support of the dashboard as you were driving past the lane, tapping to the tune of our favorite lyrics, humidity because of reddish summer, fingers enticed following the hot orange ball of fire, where ever it lead us to. The destination!

I want someone to love me with such an intensity.

Kissing to interrupt talking and eyes to interrupt every other thing.

You will be my canvas and I, being the colors have that urge to paint you. With all the beauty and intensity.

And shimmering ivory truth above every other thing, a truth that shines light amongst each substance surmounting us.

A love like we’ve never had before. I want to be loved like such”!

Immense Love
Swatii Chandak


40 thoughts on “Search!

  1. Hope your search ends soon 🙂 This search is something which we all crave but very rare find it and if that sometimes what we find is not what we expected. But, the search should always be ON 😉 Kudos for this post 🙂

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      1. Ever or never ! It all depends on what we want to accept? Some can find love in a stranger’s smile while crossing the road and cherish it to death and some can live with his/her soulmate for 50+ years and still can’t appreciate it and crave for more 🙂 The thing is at some point we gotta stop and feel content at some point 😉 May be I am wrong but this is my thoughts. Open for modifications also 😛


  2. This is definitely a universal desire. To want to meet the one who answers the desire, and longing for it, as Darshith said, from someone who you are already with. It is both sad, and fortunate, that the heart cannot be trained. Amazingly beautiful words. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Wow. Swatii that’s why I love ur blogs. So pure divine and wonderful thoughts .. Tell me who doesn’t crave for such a love. And getting such a love is a bliss of life. I wish u get that soon.
    Love n cheers

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      1. And I try to respond to ur blogs every time I read it. Likewise I wait to read certain blogs and urs is positively much awaited blogs . the more I read the more it makes my heart delighted

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  4. Very powerful words indeed, I liked the part “….nothing is simpler yet more complicated” Hope you find love, or love can find you.
    Nice meeting you and glad you stumbled upon my crazy little blog. And good luck with that novel.

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