“I have an avowal. If I don’t say it today I won’t be able to say it any day. Love was just a word before meeting you, Lovey Dovey mash-up, to be specific.

When all around me state theories about this emotion I get numb.

Always an urge to feel it closely. I guess what I have with you is just the same I wanna say. Don’t know if it is love, but whatever it is want it to experience and explore with you.

It is all about in the charm of the sunsets and sunrises with the chirping of hymn concomitant, and the chuckle of an infant bewitching my soul surmounting me with his innocence to forgive this ungenerous world.

Same like talking to an all-time-soul-understanding-friend for having a one-life-time conversation with some unimaginable circumstances leaving the best footprint over the years, ever.

It is in the soul of an individual to be with the one where life will automatically transform into the best adventures experiencing the roller coaster ride worth trying, all filled with amaze and awe. And I think it can only be with you.”

Immense Love
Swatii Chandak


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