How can i be without you?

“Touch me with your luster. Have that courage to face me eye-to-eye, rather apart. Don’t be scared or afraid. Stop shivering.


You have been my strength all this while, please stay forever.


Let me feel you while looking straight in your eyes and vice versa. Give me the privilege to do so. I want that. I want to be the reason for your most beautiful smile. I am wandering, and the destination is you.


When those bright eyes filled with love move on an expedition to find me. I wish your eyes to read, explore, find, care, smile, love the only mine.

I want to see that amaze in your eyes, each time you look at me. Young, old or childlike I want to see it all.


How beautiful things will turn when I would never be able to look beside you. I want to swim in those eyes, cross oceans of emotions and never drown or frown.


Please don’t ignore. Please don’t go. Please don’t look away. Your eyes fulfill my never-satisfied-thirst.


I want to be yours fully, and you be mine.


Let’s explore each other and then find in the most beautiful way.


When the cool breeze plays the lyrical tune to date the flowing flicks and mystically entangles them. There I want you to uncomplicate each strand and lay them to their original beauty again.

When your fingertips touch my earlobes further moving on to the shoulder, I would be ecstatic.

When your palm would stick to mine and fingers romancing with each other.

Tickles and chuckles, clue or without a clue, happy or sad, without fear of fate, mesmerizing and glorious, I want to be all and none of you. I want to be me with you.

When I love you would be transformed to, I hate you and switches way and again.

We would be happy I know.

I want you to rule me sometimes and let me rule all the others, Lets deal and be equivalent.

I want to sing the song describing us and forever us. Please sing that for you and me and give me a chance to sing it too.

Please choose the life and life will choose us. I want to feel the moment of breaking free. I want to be with you.

Pull my cheeks, call me chubby, kiss me hard and let’s fly high. High to touch the sky.

Dreams would be real with you and turn into one reality is the best thing ever. What life is gonna be with you thrills me with just one thought.

And, craving for a ride in actual could be thrilled than anything else in the whole world.

Hug me hard and let me do that. Tightest as I am the only person you want to be with. I want to be with you more and more.  

*Chills down the spine* can just be a phrase I heard once. Feeling something like that is gonna be worth a chance.

Writing our moments with the fingertips on your hand is one gesture I want. Ohh! I want that. I guess I love you.

And, I love you so much…. But plea…….”

Immense Love
Swatii Chandak


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