Kindle Edition!

Other than my genre – Fiction (Love), I stepped forward to write about love in other forms. The first one, Woman Within – A Composition depicting Unexplored Vision, talks about the hardcore ideologies and beliefs.

A highlight from the essay:

I am no social curator to distinguish the disguised norms of the society.

But here facing the wither emotions beneath the glorious of all the preposterous smiles, has certainly camouflaged the entire subsequent idea.

Talking about the infinite questions starting with WHY, WHO, WHOM has jolted me with some irrelevant contexts thereafter. And who will not be dismayed irrespective of gender idiosyncrasies.

Looking forward to the invincible steps of destiny we still fail to eloquent the entire subject of humanity. I am no god so is not a human having a heartbeat, same as me.

Then who made them the deciders of my destiny, of how I live, whom shall I meet, what to intake and how to lead my entire beautiful life later transformed to a goddamn life?

I am still unaware about the wavering thoughts culminated towards the doctrine of identification. I wonder how happy life rules come into existence. Once asked to follow the established dogma according to caste and creed followed with a general yet specification prone stigma. At times found it horrific and the other charismatic.

Hilarious act of fate.

My bar graph changes in accordance with the physiologies.

How to practice the art of patience regardless of bumpy and stinky sticky roads is yet unknown to me. Interestingly it is been practiced successfully.

Can it be questioned? If you do, some unusual expressions showered on your way.


Another crazy fact which came to me as a turmoil.


Worshipped as a goddess and still attacked ruthlessly? Respected or the word is manipulated? Am I someone who should be taken brutally?

I have never realized the basic idea in the first place. Well, who says I am able to derive them now.

Talking about perspectives, I have not got a prior chance to make a statement. Either asked to follow an existing one or charmed to transform according to suitability.


If you found a connect do read the entire essay published on kindle. Let me know if I failed to portray the essence. Do rate it on Amazon as well.

Immense Love
Swatii Chandak


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