International Women’s Day


We all are beautiful in our thousand splendid ways. Yes, a girl might be weak physically, but, strongest mentally. Respect is not what we have begged for, rather deserve.

Rather than respecting us for a single moment, making it a habit will not prove you less a man. A lady has the hidden powers to protect the society then, who gave the creators all the rights to curve us, betray us, shout at us, scare us or confine us. Not a plea rather a cry for all of you out there; If you are ready to initiate celebrations for us why not do it each day.

I am a lover, but I am mistaken. If I state my emotional genre, definitely tagged creepy. When I cry, definitely not recollected back. If I get depended on the expenses, I am tagged as an opportunist. If I ever seek to have a craving, I am tagged desperate. I reach to a vulnerable epicentre fighting my devils inside all alone. Finally, with a hope to leave for the better, apart from the relationship ashes behind, but dragged to the same zone, giving a false picturization of misunderstanding. Am I not supposed to be pampered? And they say I don’t hold the privilege to break because I am strong. If I am me, let me be me.

I am also a sister, a failed one. I cry hard to speak my insecurities. It is said we all get our share of aloofness, then why my pain rolled sentences are attacked back on to me. Can’t I have a secret keeper. A share-r for life. My own. No! Probably, quality and quantity should be weighed before speaking. And they come saying, No doubt I am complicated because I am a girl. Why? Not only on this day, rather understand me for the entire life. I know I am weak just don’t shatter me more.

I am also a daughter, a beautiful one. A relationship which I will cherish forever. Rather than kept heavy, I am loved without my differences. Where guidance is bliss. The place where light resides and heart subside. I am blessed to get such beautiful angels too.

I am also a best friend, a gorgeous one. Where my stupidity is loved and appreciated without pointing my flaws now and then rather teaching me with warmth. The more I shatter, the more careful my friend gets. Where laughter is a dose of sadness. It is made sure I get that dose daily irrespective of my drowning state.

This entire flip-flop of emotions is a vicious circle. I don’t say the neglection is the only thing to talk about. I also appreciate the importance by some corners.

A question out of curiosity?

Are we only concentrated and stuck to mere days? Aren’t we supposed to be free the way we want, roam around the way we feel, smile the brightest without getting stares and live to the fullest.

We are the inspirations of a family. A requirement without which you could turn fatal.

We are not doses of sensuality rather the ideals of humanity.

And proving yourself a man doesn’t include harassing us.

It is all about the balance we are looking forward. We don’t need your sympathies. We can take care of the entire nation then why not of ourselves.

I am not angry just surprised with the reactions on a day which will become the past in mere 24 hours.

From my side,
Happy women’s year (2016) my pretty ladies.

Immense Love
Swatii Chandak



3 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

  1. Even in terms of physical strength I really don’t think women are weak than men because the strength, according to me can be measured in terms of its endurance power, and women can endure what we men cannot even think…
    Pumping muscles and hitting the punching bag is simply just not enough !!


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