Loosen the insights.
Liberate the intoxicant!

Permit the desire,
To pleasantly moderate!

Forbid the ground underneath,
To clench ahead!

Acknowledge the abandonment,
To ascetically realize!

Your position, need and commitment,
With each puff!

A minute more,
with each huff of survival!

The conviction that one is detained with,
Emancipates the unconscious direction!

Also, accept the snuffle,
To endure,
Let go of any sweat,
each unease…

Accepting the sagacity of feat,
To swing into the survival!

Apportion each uncomplicated blow,
To deliver a little bottomless!

Amidst yourself,
Beneath the ground,
Fathomable support,
Affectionately culminating you!
When life is toughest…

Realization of the fragile pitch,
The ground is peeling,
Beneath the feet!

The resonances,
The impressions,
Inward and outward,

To initiate the entire federation to alleviate!

The impression of the strength being hold,
From a distance,
To withhold the need…

With the heavy animosity,
Huffs and Puffs to cater…

Gorgeous forfeit,
Forgetting past,
Forgetting fears,
Forgetting tensions…

And various spheres

The minute of reduction,
Irrespective of gravity

Grant yourself to whisper,
In the amiable cuddle!

The more you ease,
The more you creed,
The more ambitious,
The more strongly condemn!

That immortal correlation…

The more you snoop,
The more lucid!


Required to get accustomed,
Make yourself safe, loved, available and secure…

Required to be just you,

As long as you crave
As long as you should!

Swatii Chandak



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