Let him go!

It might get hard without him,

Dreadful when you see him walking away,
Breath he turned now to drop,
as the ventilator refuses to work!
If not taken care life will ditch
so leave him for his good!

Leave him and that breathe,
To give him a new one,
A new life and happiness,
Probably he needs it,
And that can make you happy as well!

Strike to each other to know more,
Now he fails to…
because you became hard,
Let him be somewhere instead of struggle,
Give him life by moving out!

He shouts because you compelled him to,
Your darkness threatened him,
He is scared,
Don’t make your insecurity an excuse,
He needs life, give him one!

He is capable of a deserving girl, you know,
then why to suffocate him and his peers,
His connections,
Don’t get dramatic by showing your meaningless tears,
Let him go!

Stop claiming you love him,
You made him cry,
No matter he did or not,
You are at fault!

Unlock him let him fly,
You shouldn’t change him, not even when he is wrong,
It is his life don’t act like his mother,
You are not!

Love is all about letting go,
So make it happen,
Let it be true,
Let go of him,
Let him go!

Stick to your brutal fantasies,
Why do you expect him to uncomplicate you,
He needs someone,
Why will he do that,
He is not at fault,
You are, Surely, You are!

Go explore not to fall in love again,
Try to live for few who wants you to,
Don’t forget what you did to him,
Make sure you don’t repeat!

Because you showered all your love you had,
And, Yes it was not enough!

Immense Love
Swatii Chandak


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