A shiver!

I met a girl today.

Ferociously acted an obstacle to stop a child from racist abuse. Though, she shivered but didn’t choose to stay mum. How her thoughts stood intact irrespective of the positioned outcome came as a surprise to me. Although never been like this, she reflected and outshined with the anger beneath.

A male figure in his late 40’s, approximately, monstrously attacked a child with a stick for touching his expensive car with poor little hands. She came across the brutality with some other group enjoying the scenario while clicking pictures. Amidst all ages, stepped and stopped the painful episode with utter courage.

Another group murmured for her being a girl with such a bold step could turn horrendous. But, I witnessed her immense light emerging at its peak, pausing the coward for good. The child ran towards her, cried and fainted in her arms. She shivered again, this time, to let him know the outcome of his unforgivable mistake.

He ran, the crowd finally acted, and he cried for survival. The child rushed to the nearest hospital. The physical injuries might heal, can the wound on heart ever? Do the differences still cater to such an impact? She is surprised.

Later, during the day, she tried to extend the fear she had. But no set of ears to hear the cry she suppressed due to intense threatening in the situation. And, the small chapter showered an important lesson…

Life is all about standing tough. Fear lets other rules the purity of the soul.

I salute her! May she never vanishes again…

Swatii Chandak



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