Fused Balloons


I saw some of the balloons cheerless on the floor. Fused and lifeless.

Recollecting how they were 3 days back broke my inner self. Bright yet chirpy became ruthless due to lack of Air. Here lies the catch.

The balloons were the same but almost slaughtered due to negligence. A constant amount could have kept them alive but I chose to left thinking they can take care with the proportion of bliss they consist. Slight care wouldn’t make them this miserable.

And, let’s connect this with the emotions; We leave people half-hearted without thinking how they might be feeling irrespective of that beautiful smile. We leave some cheerful only to witness the loud cry just after a day or two. What could this be? The lack of same air rather happiness. The feeling of being missing snatches out the life and love.

Crux says it’s better to be the air of someone’s life rather than being a pin to blow out drastically!

Immense Love
Swatii Chandak




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