Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Who on earth can stay apart from the world of Hogwarts which has inflicted and created a reflection the entire childhood considering a person of my age?
Well, the very thought of having it in the collection thrilled my senses during the announcement of another Part. Just when you think an end of the era, suddenly extending a shimmery postpone only to be blemished later.

As a hint of receiving it in the form of a play initially got me into some skeptical thinking; sadly proving to be true further. Nothing like the work before where I could travel in the world created by Rowling. Perhaps, the one failure of this could be in terms of the comparisons, one tends to make unconsciously at each staircase. The character building and the positioning of the story leaves one in the zone of self-questioning as per why the entire plot is driven towards.(Sarcastically)

The three charmers of Hogwarts – The name gives some satisfaction, not the conversations. I missed the sparkle and ingredient Rowling has already sprinkled in our recipes. Apparently, even if this was an extension of some highly celebrated thread, genuinely not the kind of the book I would have picked and recommended.


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

    1. Indeed!
      The idea and the connection put forth in the earlier books was entirely slayed in this part. The more excited I was before the arrival, the more disappointed I got after receiving!


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