A plea from a writer!

I tried to experiment with a video! Hope it didn’t turn out to be bad! Writer is all by the readers. I pray and wish my words connect to you in some way! Thankyou! ❤

Twitter- https://twitter.com/SwatiiChandak


10 thoughts on “A plea from a writer!

    1. Thank You, Erika! ❤
      I was just searching for an innovative way. This was the only point stuck me hard and I tried. Though, I was a little apprehensive and judgemental initially; I just pray this didn't turn out to be that bad! 🙂

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      1. Definitely not. Swatii! This is wonderful. This gives such a personal touch to your blog and makes you more real which is amazing. It is courageous to post a video and everybody appreciates that. You are so charming how could that turn out bad 😃

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      2. Your words give me the optimism rushing through the emotional chords beautifully. I so look forward to see you someday for a conversation. Nothing can be beautiful to interact with a person having majestic thoughts!

        Thank you Erika for encouragement, motivation and appreciation! ❤

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      3. Oh my, Swatii, that was so lovely of you to say. I truly hope that there will be more blogger gatherings throughout the time and it would be wonderful to sit and chat with you! Keep up your wonderful work, Swatii 💖

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