Curtain Call by Rafaa Dalvi

In the contemporary world where Indian Authors are entirely inclined towards same plot defining conspiracies, hate, and senseless drama; Rafaa Dalvi introduced 20 refreshing bifurcations of Genre Fiction in a brilliant compilation Published by Half Baked Beans.

I loved each and every extension following an ecstatic use of language with apt vocabulary, certainly not at all innocuous while building a castle of words during the entire read.

I completed the book during the journey which all the more made me fall in love with it. Talking about the first story catching my eyes at the very first glance was *Ookleeboo*. Choosing straight from the List of Contents, all Fascinated with the Title, this short and sweet story with a tinge of Fantasy makes you visit a separate land.

Switching on to *A Crimson Affair*; it takes back to the childhood where *Akbar – Birbal* tales always thrilled the inner self and managed to dig the detective soul beneath. After all, who on earth doesn’t want to have the wittiness of the Advisor managing to steal the hearts till date. The plot developed, and the conversations in the story wants one to flip the pages back and again.

*Glory and honor had no place in this nefarious world, love and virtue was triumphant only in fables.*

Moving on to the next story *His Leela* leaves a reader absorbed. *Cupid had finally found a chink in his armor and managed to slip an arrow through.*

Office Visit, keeps you thinking regardless of the continuity. During a conversation usage of Rotten when being asked about the feeling while joining shakes the reader.

My Fair Husband talks about the lovable frustrations and nudges between a married couple, and what happen after a false act of destiny. Will surely make you believe in Ghosts same as Casper. Mahua, manages to change the entire focus while a reader proceeds to conclusion. Without disclosing the fantastic ending, let’s just say, it is a story which keeps you intact only to give another viewpoint.

Mistaken identity, a journey where the disclosure and closure interacts.

*The rational side of me wanted me to take a step..* One the interesting sentences I found!

Rest all the stories describes a plot one definitely would not want to put it down before completion.

A great read! Highly recommended.

While picking up *The Ocean of Churn* by Sanjeev Sanyal…
Swatii Chandak


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