Priya Kumar – The Charismatic Soul

The Calling – Unleash your true self; eighth – book by Priya Kumar made the meeting possible of a naive girl like me with the Author herself. She is beautiful in her special ways. I met her over mail two months ago, and from there onward journey started. A journey to invincible!

Check the glimpse here!


Ma’am Priya is a soul beyond words. She comes with an invisible wand which holds the capacity to captivate all the members present in the area irrespective of any other diverts. Bestselling Author and Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker certainly has no tantrums but a lady so serene and full of warmth. Transparent and focused, she conversely becomes a mentor to millions. She turned my mentor, and I feel the luckiest!


Jaipur got a chance to welcome her wondrous aroma. The moment when I was about to organise an event for her. In order to have everything perfect, I shivered while arranging with the entire team, but the time I saw her, the beautiful smile and bubbly welcome uncomplicated my lost thoughts. She is the power pack of positivity. The optimistic vibes all around!


The room filled with 51 people gave an idea of her charisma. Following an interactive round while answering all the questions patiently she mesmerised each one. A session scheduled for one and a half hour extended to another one hour without any hindrances. We wanted to hear more but!

No matter how the audience rushed to take her autographs and together pictures, she had the same smile and energy without a tiring nod.


Oh! Jaipur loved you! Come soon!


Swatii Chandak




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