It has been a long while since we have met each other without complaints. We have known each other through thick and thins. I remember how you came to my school once, clicked the picture and a lot noticed me the next day in between the crowd all because of you. I loved you. Gullible were my emotions and cheerful my actions. I forgot there is much more than these little sparks.

I grew old, and you turned sour. Why my beloved MEDIA?

I am worried to step out of the house due to all the harassments in the outside world. You have helped me to take precautions but should you focus only on this?

I crave to come across more boosts. I don’t wish to know how the celebrities paradise crooked. That is a sad phase, let’s not make a story out of it. Why are additional spices introduced with all the ingredients turning it bitter, sour and restless? I already meddle my relationships why to give me more examples of a “No Love Area”?

Coming across all the demises is strictly jolting my soul. Why do you need to put an emphasis on all the types of “CIDES” including homoCIDES, suiCIDES, patriCIDES, matriCIDES, sororoCIDES, fratriCIDES, uxoriCIDES, etc, etc.?

I miss you at times. You motivated me by sharing the stories of bravery, concentration, and charisma. I want to know the optimism around. Negativity finds a route anyways…
I know you might be facing the trauma as well, but the continuity has shackled my inner self. Let’s just make a better world rather than creating stories of disaster. I know you will understand.

To be continued…

While missing you…
Swatii Chandak




3 thoughts on “Dear MEDIA!

  1. I beautiful thought,, to créate a better world than stories of disaster, but don´t you think the media is part of the reflection of the human being? Or most human beings? We do watch certain things and a great many of them are of disasters, seems the human being will get bored to death if it was all happy faces and roses, since we don´t inhabit a perfect world.
    Just a simple thought of mine, and again great writing.

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    1. Indeed! I so agree! There is this slight inclined question stating and showcasing only the worst around. I mean there are certain parts where the good is celevrated as well. I never come across such beauty other than google acting as a life savor where the optimism could be found as well. I totally agree to your point of concern, but yet some kind of positive wave needs to be generated.

      Thank you for you kind words and I really appreciate your input! 🙂


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