Wake up!

In between the hassles of life, the one enemy disrupted my peace. Depression!

It is all about how one perceives and acts upon the unknown. The idea roots out the immense cry once shed in the dark with a hope to suppress, before cracking in front of people. Will it be so hard?

Yes! Due to the judgemental eyes, it turns way more difficult than imagined. From a known incident I came across a group of friends who continuously shamed one of the members. It continued for months transforming to years. The member dissociated with a right note – “I fail to trust people. I was in a group once, and all I got was laughter in my agony and failures!” It ended up with a tear and an ambivert chooses to fall into the intense zone, becoming an introvert. Just realise the fact when a person stops sharing. It is far more difficult in that case. Upsetting to the core; how one can make fun just for one’s satisfactions and pleasures?

The other day I witnessed a mother scolding a child publically – “You have problems at such a young age? What do you think you are? I used to be strong, unlike the tantrums you throw today.” The fatal comparisons is another cause of such a disturbance. There is no defined age to get attacked by problems. Why is it so that people forget and forge others, to live according to their formed norms. A child has his/her battles. 

Rather than a question, extend a hand as a solution.

Relationship oozes out of love, commitment, desire, expectations and dreams. What if the one you choose to be with for the entire life and thereafter tags you dramatical? Hurt!
The first step towards depression. Each day illuminates light but if it dwells with the unanswered calls? Further nudged after witnessing a bunch of calls; the partner shouts with frustration? When tears roll down the other one smashes the connection and ask you to leave for a while. When you need and the lover is nowhere to be seen… What to do in search circumstances…

Recollect yourself, cry harder, let the emotions flow out. Depression will lead you towards the darkness without the lights of hope. It is you who has to recover. At times people around cannot help, having all the judgements to tag as bad, hazy, fake, irresponsible and worthless. Wake up for your good. Leave those who left when you were in absolute need. They come with a package of excuses to award a life long disease making you suffer through an emotional strata. If it grows, they begin to sympathise rather than blaming their selves.

Let it be. There must be one or two blessings who will always be there. Cling to them. The very first step to chuck the depression out is to start discarding people responsible for it.

You are beautiful, so is the smile, Please don’t let it fade away.

While chipping Depression out from the surroundings,
Swatii Chandak


2 thoughts on “Wake up!

  1. I am glad that you are writing about it. The most difficult phase I believe is acceptance. It happens with many people that they think and tell themselves, “I am at my absolutely best right now, everything in my life is going good. I don’t have any reason to even be sad, depression is a long shot”. But such people too are unhappy and this is the beginning.

    It happens one step at a time. I think it has nothing to do with what are you really experiencing in your life. Sure, some incidents might act as a trigger to alleviate the presence and/or the pain but surely those are not the sole reasons.

    In my experience (and with the people I have closely observed going through this phase), it just hits you. Everything around seems dark and negative. Energy starts draining in minute tasks, enthusiasm just fades, one stops enjoying hobbies or things that one used to like. One stops hanging out, starts avoiding social gatherings, yep, as you mentioned one turns towards introversion.

    Getting out of it requires effort. Self as well as external. We gotta fight. I think there is no other way. Do things you are uncomfortable doing. I hope more and more people talk about it so that people going through get the right solution.

    Cheers to the new beginning!

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    1. A agree with each and every point. Thank you for the insights, Ayush. I will be writing about Bipolar Depression in a day or two. Your thoughts are welcomed.

      Depression is that one threat which kills inside without any visible weapon. I hope it gets vanished making this world a lovely place to reside in.


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