Darcy v/s Heathcliff

A few months back, I initiated a conversation with a group of literature enthusiasts for a broad discussion regarding the characters who comfortably set standards for girls, while giving some real tough competition to boys. Oh, the romantic heroes.

My recent hypotheses after digging some hundreds of romantic novels fall into two categories of lovers – Half of the women admiring Darcy and rest of them clinging for Heathcliff.

I have not conducted any surveys to prove the above self-generated theory, rather a pool of individual figures and posts to support. After conversing and coming across a lot of preferences where the soulmate is considered a prototype of either of the two. Although, war is always initiated whenever the two names taken together. I never came across someone who agrees to love both. There is always a verbal fight. Some of them even led to personal differences. I am always thrilled to see the power of these two particular epitomes of love.

There are people with a view of having Heathcliff with a frame of mind with a liking towards authoritarian, unscrupulous sort. A feeling of having a real man any day, instead of that fuzzy Mr. Darcy! Or they might say: Darcy? Oh, the man of dreams, Who wants to go behind a manipulative chunk like Heathcliff.

There is the apparent reason, since, both the characters; Heathcliff and Darcy are complete opposites. One is rancorous, menacing and horrendously passionate towards his woman; the other is standoffish and poker-faced but persistently loyal to his.

Well, there might be a triggering notion having Heathcliff as a passionate lover of the two, but with the personal choice, I doubt. According to me, Heathcliff turns out to be a Psychopath. He concentrates on whatever he wants. The thought of distances with Catherine made him lose his control, and he moved forward to destroy everyone in consideration with taking revenge. It might be bliss to have the idea of such a lover but only in reel lives. A practical or a real life makes it much harder to gulp than ever expected. It was pretty good and suave to read the character description, but anything of such sort in front of the eyes might give me a real set back. Someone with an obsessive disorder can make the mind revolve around. There are some from the group who came to such a man and regret now. It certainly is revealed to be a person who also uses physical trauma while becoming an insane and jealous lover.

Also, the age factor affects the preferences towards a particular kind of hero. The intensity and rage look very promising at a young age, and one might get inclined towards the same. Although, the ruthless behavior blended with anger faced after a certain age can make you go haywire and unappealing. Also, the moment when Mr. Darcy looks majestic. A character giving some real goals who stays rude, choppy, snobbish and more of a loner who only prefers to show up when your entire world falls apart and he heroically snatches you out of that furry, clumsy and inept mess. Also, extends a hand of extreme warmth. A character of Heathcliff wants to win over, whereas Mr. Darcy wishes to take care.

The dark ambiance of how damaging love can get is the portrayal of “Wuthering Heights.” Whereas, the sprightlier description was seen in “Pride and Prejudice,” inclined towards the norms of the society. Both of the novels are distinct, yet it gave a clarity of how the men behaved according to 19th century standards. Heathcliff resembles the characterizations of the pattern which appear agonizing initially and cold later to start as several ardent and affectionate. Although, the reaction towards the people who has hurt him or even plan to do so face fatal consequences are heart wrenching. Heathcliff is apparently described to be a vile creature resolute to impair those who wounded him. He is also a character who refuses to be understood by the readers.

Other than this, coming on to Mr. Darcy, where a reader fails to notice his bubbliness beneath the silence projected. A point where Darcy indicates and explains the reason he doesn’t want to dance unless he is acquainted with the partner. The place where Darcy resides show some flicks about his cool character, neither stereotyped nor charmed with a materialistic bend. In the very start Darcy tries to overshadow his real feeling but during the end transforming the entire clasp extending the idea of how a young man should be towards the love of his life. It transfigures the whole aspect of fortitude. Henceforth, the two characters are said to have the complete picturization of how there are two forms depicted.

So who do you choose?
Soft with a cuddle; Mr. Darcy or Rough and tough; Heathcliff?


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