The art to copy!


A mere term for some who replicates; A prayer for others who contemplates. Amidst the plethora of charm and charisma, how many of us actually lookout for accurate interpretations without that particular hyphen of conditionality is hidden beneath the lust of demands. Demand to show the society, a demand to manage schedules, a demand to simplify by following footsteps, a demand to suppress the efforts of others, a demand to turn jealous due to challenging acts, and finally a demand which will lead the path to copy.

While surfacing my route surrounding pen and paper, I came across souls searching for faults in other’s success. Traumatic to see people believing in appreciation concentrating. I was thrilled to come across a group of my former friends acting to like my step ahead. None cherished my little moments of glory. That’s where the curtain falls. Strangers blessed, Threads cursed. Funny but true.

In the world of appropriations, I am yet searching for a proper outline! We don’t seek for credits, but the negativity suffocates. In the ruthless world, learn to appreciate talents rather than copying brutally; it will surely become a better place to live in.

Nevertheless; Copying can make you suffer. Focus on what you have rather snatching from other’s desire.

Remember; Original is the new trend!

Immense Love
Swatii Chandak


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