A day with JWB! – Avantika Singhal

Expressing my bliss of having a conversation with the much-talented girl – Avantika Singhal from JWB, made my experience worth sharing.

She and her partner Neha (An excellent photographer captured the exact expressions) the doors while showering a warm gesture with beautiful smiles. While having a regular chit chat as per the scheduled interview, I didn’t come across any levels of un-comfortability rather each query regarding the book with my journey was crisp and appropriate. The pace was suitable and so friendly that I didn’t want it to get over. I am looking forward to seeing you for a cup of coffee soonest!

The paramount of questions and the stories I kept hidden; she managed to pull them out with such ease. The discussions on the categorization of feminism; a point, I can reasonably remember.

I am failing to put forth my level of excitement after reading the exact thoughts portrayed with Avantika’s powerful words. You can read the Interview here:


Conclusively, A thank you note extended from this budding author to you for having a considerate amount of patience to deal with a soul like me. I adored the visit! Surely looking forward to having an interaction again – Informal this time. May you shine bright! ❤

Immense Love
Swatii Chandak


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