To the NYE!

Amidst the people I hardly knew,
Some became dearer, some gave me a situational blue!
I saw the shimmers blending pessimism,
In the world of unknowns, I figured my known!

Developing attractions,
They came to me with a high!
With the parameters of insecurities,
I cornered myself from the searching eyes!

The night glowed mighty pleasures,
I felt like a princess!
In between the judgments,
The growth brought an illusionist reality!

I died several deaths,
While claiming the one I loved!
Regardless for more proves,
I failed to extend even the original clues!

We might meet, might not as well,
A life would be stolen in case they win!
While making comments,
I know who can commit an unforgiven sin!

To the people who love,
More who hate!
I am a lady with visions,
Who loved with flaws!

I need my space,
I crave for that lovable feel!
While being weak, It is a request;
How will you feel if Almighty calls you a creep!

Laying a word,
Of disgust and sorrow!
I pick my belongings,
Cringing a tear to follow!

While introspecting the world and myself,
Swatii Chandak





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