The one with the lifeline! – Riny Sharma

My best friend is getting married!

A statement full of love, happiness, anxiety, eagerness, and bliss. Had it been anyone other than her, the meaning of friendship would have turned fake and impure.

I remember the first time we met with a subtle finesse of sanctity extending the care of childlike epitome. Rinti has never caged me with the desires which can ever slaughter my wings to achieve the invincible rather a supporter in all the wavelengths of my dreams.

If someone drools a question defining an ideal friend, it will be none other than Rinti for me; or for that matter for anyone. Lucky I am to have her from over a decade. I wish each one meets someone equivalent to her once in a lifetime.

She has never been the kind who cribs, complaints, insults or cry over something insignificant. We have had our share of fights and era’s of disappointments, but it never catered to diminish the purity of bond we formed. I love her beyond my imaginations; she loves me beyond limits. A literature festival, a meeting, an award and a launch – nothing can ever be important when it is about her. Let’s make this week memorable.

She is getting married to the man of her dreams, and I wish all the blessings to her. The one who will take care of her beyond her imperfections, the one who will make her happy, the one who will understand her inhibitions, and the one who will keep our friendship intact. I am so sure Naveen has all the capacities and capabilities.

While preparing for your wedding rituals,


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