Why it all started?

I craved for a man to love me beyond my imperfections. Failing in the relationships of sensibility, I wanted to leave the sanity the day I came across his eyes, the set of honest eyes. Recollecting the first instance when I saw him with his passion, it all reverted a fact unknown to me till date.

I remember how his younger one told me to hide things from him. Apparently, I wished to express myself bluntly about the instances illogical and to the man I hardly knew. There it all started.

Just a day before and an unknown became dearer. I still remember how much I love those eyes, yet their search is incomplete. The smile which is not for me. The touch which craves for some other harbour. And, the man whose heart is somewhere else.

It all started on a day I lost myself to a destination I was searching from last 24 years, but he was burdened instead.

The sweetness spoke!

While crying over the life, I just made and lost in an instance

Swatii Chandak


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