He bought bliss!

I was a wanderer in the forest of scepticism. After his arrival, I became a traveler in love.

Shashank took me to the place of serendipity which was hidden before him. I don’t fancy anything when he is around but the essence. He is one of those reasons for my identity who made me stronger and capable of falling in love.

I know how he loves my flaws. How I shout at him yet, he stays, how I crib yet he smiles, how I block him with immaturity yet he tries, how I become the reason for his stress, yet he cares, and how I attempt to leave horrendously yet, he absorbs.

We are different. Shashank is way too practical to be handled by an emotional fool like me. Nevertheless, successful from last 2 years.

He stated once;

You are beautiful the way you are. Be chubby and eat whatever you like.

I am always attracted to his simplicity, confidence, and carefree notion. His say is important, so is his attention. He might get ignorant at times, but he loves me unconditionally, and that matters above each and every difference.


He is turning a reason for my existence. And I love the way it is.

Swatii Chandak


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