Was she perfect?

Did I ever say I am perfect? How can I ever get a man like him to date? Is it a dream? Why am I this insecure?
After a rough past, I got a junction to dump all my fears; finally. But did I burden Shashank? He always thought about my complaints and how I never appreciated. I choose him over anyone, and I am out of proves. I am dropping proposals consecutively, and yet I am out of proves. I never thought of marrying a guy out of my community, but in a relationship of 5 years yet I am out of proves.

Who said he is wrong? Probably the search I had for ages, might be his as well. Probably the way I wished to dump all my sorrows on someone, he craved the same. Probably the kind of rush I thought of, he must have had as well.

Did I blame him? No! I blamed the circumstances, consequences, positioning, apostrophes in between, and helplessness coming attached.

“I love you, Priyanshi. I might not show it often but I do!” Shashank was helpless.

I never believed it thoroughly. It was always due to my own IMPERFECTIONS. Love is never to seek answers, rather the blissful queries. I was searching for it consistently. Somewhere in between, I lost myself in the process. It was never Shashank’s fault but mine.

An imperfection which lead to difficulties yet we both managed to be together irrespective of arguments and fights on the verge of breaking. It is funny how Shashank turned as the lyrics to each of my tunes.

Even after rejecting 57 proposals, I wish to give a chance to the man I chose with honesty. Not because of anyone, but how we both need each other. I hope he understands how crazily I am in love with his each slit…

Sometimes the words do fail. Here I stand imperfect without words just to see how his added imperfections can make us both perfect!

While giving a fate to Shashank’s Priyanshi…
Swatii Chandak



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