An instance of Connectivity!

The first time we were together for an occasion; New year’s eve. Standing across each other, he turned with the countdown and stepped forward to hug. Kissed my forehead and moved aside. I was in love with him all over again. 

Our future was uncertain, and that ripped my soul. Somewhere it must have ripped Shashank’s as well. Loving someone more than yourself is one in a lifetime instance; To me it was Shashank. For someone, I prayed so hard, was getting away from me due to some of the immature and brutal souls; I was broken. Who gave a right to stand between people who loved each other unconditionally?

I may crib about him endlessly; I cannot gulp down if someone else does.

Rightly said; People should better concentrate on their lives first before poking in someone else’s. And if they care so much, where did that attention go when they gossip shamelessly? I was clueless. Thinking of each possible shit at that moment while holding his hand tight, our focus shifted towards his phone.

Stepping some steps away, I ignorantly hid beside a pillar. Shutting the call after seconds, Shashank turned only to find me nowhere. He restlessly moved around the entire premises, whereas my eyes followed his helplessness.

My heart never pounded this hard. Silently, I made myself visible. Shashank approached with the worry lines.

“I was searching for you, Priyanshi. Where were you?”
“Right in front of you.” <Hesitantly>
“Never do that again.”

I got my eternity in the smallest conversation ever. Shashank became a priority with each passing day. My work, my relations, my studies, myself, no one ever came in between, and I was falling with continuity.

How his one message and a call sparkled my day is yet ignorant. How I crave to be with him more is again a bracket which cannot be defined. I never saw his eagerness until that one moment. Perhaps the expressions are different. Nevertheless, I await the day when he turns expressive. Knowing we might not stay together forever.. which again rips my heart while shattering it in thousands of pieces.

While making Shashank fall in love all over again
Swatii Chandak


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