Here comes the Society!

“Why didn’t you tell us before?” One common question each one jumped with.

I am struggling to identify if it is about two people or the entire world? Can we settle for a reason how lovers should be given privacy to know each other before attaching it with any other suggested tag on our very dear Earth?

Figuring the above-stated facts, and facing the complexities is surely heartbroken. I remember the words…

“Because of you, Shashank has started hiding. I can never have the same bond with him.”

I never understood the sentence. How can a relationship change things? It was a story of us. He never forgot to call people, having long conversations with any of his near ones, the gestures, and not even the important occasions. Can a secret relationship act insane?

Can’t people hide their love life? Can’t they be sure first before accelerating? And if by any chances, someone was taken out of the loop, it can be possible if they committed something worth offending.

I cried. I was not accepted at a place where I wanted to create a family. I was not accepted where I wished to live with his peers. I was not accepted where I thought of living the rest of my life. I was not accepted at a place where my individualism suffered. I was not accepted at a place where I was misplaced and commented as a vamp.

No one abused me directly, but their actions did call me a *Bitch*. Friends, family, knowns and unknowns were sceptical about me. I always had a question, While pointing the finger at me, did anyone of ’em pointed and stretched a tinge on their identities and actions. Aggression has a level. Before talking rubbish for someone’s daughter, do they forget they have one, or will have one someday. What will be the take if she can/will face the same?

A relationship was defined by cowards. And, the particular time I realized, the people who called me Fake are themselves the topper of the category. At least my extremism didn’t harm. Their dual faces did. And this hurt shall never be forgotten.

While crying because of fake sweet pies,
Swatii Chandak


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