Priyanshi’s weapon!

I wanted to have a weapon to minimalize the rage sprinkled by the world. And, I found one… Words! The written words. Shashank once asked me to stop writing with such intense thought process, I never cared. I have never asked him to change his routines and activities, why has he started to point out?

I have been messy, and my messiness makes me stand differently. Shashank loved me because of my confusions, and now he wishes to change ’em. Not accepted. After altering myself in years of the relationship, I wanted to come out of the shell. If he ever wanted to change, he better should have got someone like everyone; Not me!

I never spoke about my education, degrees, awards, preferences, wants, and expectations unless I feel connected. But the definition changed after I came in mutual contacts. It was all about what do I do; Why do I do it; I should better get along with something else; I should try to change a lot of activities; Why am I so confused? In between everything, I gathered the people who mentioned stuff are less interested in their courses and careers rather emphasizing on mine without continuity.

I have been different, and I am not ashamed of it. If anyone is; Do I need to care? A learner never has pride, and I am more than happy to know I don’t even have a tinge of it. Nevertheless, I came across my self-respect recently. It was upset with my suppressing behavior, and there I decided to chuck people who create a ruckus. I did that, and I am more than happy.

Although, there is a question always, If they knew me, what did I ever do to make them turn devilish. I remember some words.

I only came in contact with you after your relationship with Shashank. How can I comment?

I was hurt. Shashank’s immediate family knew me after him, but the relationship I shared was different. I was deeply hurt. I don’t know her take, but the words came to me as discomfort. I tried to give my best shot thinking the relationship won’t be fragile. But it was broken, and I was not at fault. Perhaps she was not as well, but the definitions changed. I kept on thinking, and it jammed my nervous system. I gave up that day. I was over with everything.

I am strictly a part of the mention wherever lies a topic of blood relationships; There are blood relationships which will always be there no matter how much they make your life difficult. 

My father has always asked me to select something which is worth it, not something which makes one cry. The very time I decided to leave the people who were not worth it. I cannot FAKE relationships, unlike others. Happily, I was away from the shit.

While moving towards a better setup,
Swatii Chandak


7 thoughts on “Priyanshi’s weapon!

  1. i appreciate your courage to be different. i have always been rebellious and chose my own path , i never followed crowd. and im doing good. but when we fall into relationships we are going into transition phases emotionally . periodically . i accept the fact that our partners should not force us to change all of a sudden because we do we different morality , different principles .. but then i do accept changes when i feel it is for betterment .a fragile behavior is ok in relationships , but not to extent that you lose your identity in the process everytime . everytime this happen a thoughts creeps in that “if they were to change me for xyz reasons, why did they accept me in the firts place”? overall a nice post swatii . you are always incredible

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    1. Thank you so much!
      I always cherish your reviews. Relationships are tough and cruel are the people who tries to make it more complicated without any reasons. I have always come across souls who are into a lot of judgments. I recently came across an opinion by my friend’s in laws … They called her home breaker after engagement. She cried oceans and is deeply hurt. People forget the comments and feel they are the kings and queens of the world without realizing their own imperfections!

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